aXonnite® Protect is a programme to prevent pathogen growth, safeguarding infection pathways and sources. It takes two simple steps to make ourselves and our surroundings safer.

360° protection

Dezynfekcja powierzchni

Surface disinfection

Dezynfekcja osób

Personal disinfection

Dezynfekcja przestrzeni za pomocą rozpylacza mgły

Spray mist disinfection of spaces

STEP 1: Personal protection

Protecting infection routes

The nose, throat and hands are the main routes of infection for viruses, bacteria and fungi. These routes let them penetrate further into the body through inhaled air or after contact with infected surfaces.

nanobiotic axonnite
nanobiotic axonnite

The aXonnite® Protect programme, relying on the antimicrobial action of aXonnite® Silver products, provides protection for the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. Research indicates that the upper respiratory tract, particularly the nose, is the main route for infections and pathogens entering the body. Nanobiotic® specialised medical products block the proliferation of pathogens in the nasal cavity and throat.  For this reason, application of e.g. Nanobiotic® NOSE and SINUSES or Nanobiotic® THROAT is recommended in order to protect the mucous membranes against bacteria, viruses or fungi.

aXonnite® Silver Disinfectant  disinfects and protects hands after any exposure to pathogens on touched surfaces, and can also be used to protect face masks. It prevents the accumulation of viruses and bacteria, but primarily protects against the development of fungi that develop on  damp masks and can be inhaled from the mask into the lungs. What is more, the aXonnite® silver-coated coated surfaces are thus protected in the long term. Most importantly, the product it is safe for the skin and does not damage its hydrolipidic layer. It is odourless to use, does not discolour fabrics and does not evaporate like alcohol disinfectants, thus providing permanent protection to the surface.

Preparat dezynfekcyjny

STEP 2: Reducing  the transmission of infections

nanobiotic axonnite

Protecting the sources of infection

In the surrounding world, the sources of infection are mainly surfaces of all kinds. The multi-touch ones, such as doorknobs, handrails, taps, taps, switches, are particularly dangerous. The air is, of course, another common habitat for pathogens.
Therefore, effective prevention of infection transmission and maintenance of bacteriological safety can only be ensured by systematic disinfection and protection of all contact surfaces with bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal products. To further enhance safety in confined spaces, i.e. homes, office and manufacturing areas, air disinfection and purification is essential, for example by fogging or the use of disinfection gates.

Antimicrobial protection products

Nanobiotic® MED Silver Nos i Zatoki

Nanobiotic® MED Silver Nose and Sinuses

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aXonnite® Silver

aXonnite® Silver


*aXonnite® Silver is ISO 13 485 certified for medical devices by TÜV Rheinland GmbH

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aXo A70

aXo A70
Hand Sanitizer Gel

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